Frequently asked Questions

What is The Wall 2061?

A Cyberpunk City Live-Action-Roleplaying-Game (LARP). As a player, you will be part of one of four resistance groups, all trying to tear down the wall. You will visit interesting locations, talk to NPCs and try to get as much information as possible. All the while you have to figure out how to navigate the dangerous dystopian future of 2061 – How will you cross the wall? How will you get the information to the people that need it? How will you survive?

Where do I sign up?

The first sign up round happened during our Kickstarter campaign, which has ended. There are still some tickets left – so head over to our Eventbrite page

Do I need anything special to participate?

That’s one of the best things! You don’t! The game is set up in a way that you do not need any experience in games like this, and no special equipment. If you want to come in costume, feel very welcome, but it is not a requirement. A smartphone might be useful, but you can also participate without one.

I want to collaborate – is that possible?

We are always looking for collaborators and partners – especially in the areas important for content creation like Artists and Costume Makers.
If you are interested, then use the contact form below.

Can I also play the role of an NPC? 

Yes you can! Please use our official NPC registration form. 

NOTE – All NPC Spots are currently filled – only waitinglist spots available.