The World

The World


Every player will be part of one of the four factions. All of them have the same goal – bring down the Wall. However, their visions for the future could not be more different.

Democratic Union

Liberal, Freedom Fighters, Dreamers. The democratic union wants a better world – a unified world. All “free elections” so far have been rigged – quite subtly, but still. In their perfect world, everybody can be elected to govern, and only those elected can enact the will of the people.

Techno Utopion

They are transhumanists, scientists, and nutjobs. They think the only way forward is together, under the all seeing eye of an AI, as all human leaders can never be objective when it comes to serving the common good.

Free Front

They are the people, they are the freedom, they are the punks, the outcast and the chaos. For the free front, there can be no leader, there can be no system, everything has to be torn down. They think that they are the force of change this world needs, and that this change can only be brought by fire.

The Megacorp

Money is the only language they know. As long as the money flows, the people will be happy. The wall blocks the flow of money. There is so much workforce, goods and money on both sides that is wasted because of this. The wall needs to go.

The Wall

The wall of Berlin never fell. For almost 100 years now it stands strong. The East and the West have drifted further and further apart – but at the same time grew closer.
In 2026 the Combine Government was created – an institution meant to further communication between both sides – but they have done more than that. Nowadays they have absolute power – both governments are merely puppeteered by them. They want to keep up the wall at all costs – after all, its easier to control a divided population.